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07 December 2012

raindrops keep fallin' on my head...

 This adorable rainfall mobile on pinterest the other day totally caught my eye, and i immediately thought how it would look pretty darn sweet hanging above this tiny new one's little bassinett.  
Though I prefer to go a bit more permanent, so instead of paper drops, i used felt. 

My version went like this:

- broken emroidery hoop (hot glued back together of course)
-1 bundle of tangled embroidery floss 
-Hot glue gun w/2 glue sticks
-1 flattened old bed pillow worth of stuffing (so glad to get this sad old pillow out of my closet crafting stash finally)
-8 sheets of various felt colors and an old silvery sweater tank top scrap for raindrops (enough to make 18 raindrops each)

I began by cutting out the raindrops. 162 to be exact.

Why 162? Because 9 is my lucky number. 
So... I decided to do 9 strands of 9 drops each (81 drops total) and since each drop is actually 2 drops glued together, 162 drops it was. 

They are not all the same shape, and neither are real raindrops. But they are all approximately 2 inches.

The next step was to hot glue the felt drops to lengths of embroidery floss which I first tied to the hoop(these hoops cost 59 cents at craft store, or if you are real crafty use a very young flexible twig)

No real order here, just made sure the same 2 colors didn't end up next to each other.

One side is glued under, and another is added over the floss to connect the 2.

I added the cloud by hot gluing the pillow fluff to the top and sides of the hoop.
Lastly, a piece of embroidery floss threaded through the clouds, and tied to on each side of the  hoop and voila! 

For now our mobile lives in the boys room, just hangin' there lookin' all cute like,
awaiting the arrival of some chubby baby toes to get tangled up in it..

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