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12 November 2012

up-cycled needle felted woolie night night

A friend of mine inspired me to make this bunting the other day. She stopped by in the evening with her sweet baby girl.  We chatted as I showed her my new stash of clearance fabric, watching her little one roll about on the floor in the sweetest little sleepysack. Talking about heat miser husbands and chilly nights, and how it just feels so much better wrapping your baby in wool at bedtime for that extra added cozy... 
As mentioned in this previous post, my boys are super thrashing blanket kickers, so I totally get it.
I went on the computer that night, and holy cow! If you want a wool sleep sack, you gotta shell out the green, for realz...

Not really sure why I've never sewn one before, but i sure will be making more.  Nxt on the list? Cashmere!

I just wung it and made a pattern from tracing a sleeved bunting onto an old wool sweater (whose arms had long ago been turned into longies)  I may end up sewing a zipper in the bottom, if slipping baby in through top proves tricky.
Then to be lazy yet decorative,  I needle felted a strand of bulky weight wool yarn around the neck and armholes.

The blue wool literally jumped out of the basket at me , so I just went with it.
I made this friday evening after my ultrasound, so I was just beginning to feel all sortsa nesty... 
I love this part, the super human motivation to sort, organize, clean, create...And maybe even post a blog post once in a while.


This is the only pathetic tutorial photo I took before i got lost in the cuteness of it all... Pretty self explanatory though , right?

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