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18 November 2012

sewing hour/ gender neutral rant...

As a mother of 2 boys, whom I have designed and sewn dozens of pieces for over the years...   
May i just remark for one moment on how much more fun girls clothes are to create?  I am like a fashion designer for elves over here...
I guess my taste in baby girl clothes is a bit  unconventional.    I am actually a bit irked by the idea of dressing this incredible miracle i am  facilitating the growth of over here in my tum tum -in any of the pink and purple fluffy ruffles. flowers, bows and ponies that i see as the normal dress code for little girls these days.  

I must say, I embrace femininity and am

(Paper bag skirt: if anyone wants a tutorial, let me know) 

absolutely stoked to have been born a female.  The creative freedom that comes with being able to wear pants, dresses, tights and skirts ,braids and make-up.. 
I have  personally found to be an artistic/ creative outlet my entire life. 
And maybe my daughter will too,  and however she chooses to express that is 100% fine with me.  
I'm ready for it... fairy dresses? fine.  princess wands, no problem. Tutus? Don't get me started, I freaking LOVE tutus. 
 I simply don't want her to be raised up from babyhood with any pressure in that direction, being told that is the way it is, i suppose is what i'm saying.  

She has 2 older brothers who are both quite nurturing with dolls at this point and they also have a CRAZYTIME fancy for swords, trains, and superheroes. They love dressing up and  having tea parties.  Serge even plays Mommy with his baby doll,  peter and nurses it.  Even now, in his 2nd year of school, with peer influence and all, he still has the confidence to play mommy.  

And I feel like this is all the proof I need, to know I have succeeded by them.  At least allowed them to be who they were born to be, and not a macho-tough guy version of themselves, just themselves.

 Now on to the table turned version of gender-whatever child rearing.  (I just made that up.. do you like it?)
Wish me luck!
And now for an oldie but goodie...

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