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12 October 2012

big boy(s) bed(s)

So, if you sleep/slept with your babies /children, you can relate.

This very realistic chart:

PERFECTLY illustrates some the very loooong nights we endured these last couple months leading up to Finch's departure from our snuggle nest.  I can best personally relate to "H is for hell" and "snow angel"... 
And then there was the historic morning I awoke with Sergei's legs wrapped around my neck (no joke)...  

 CO-SLEEPING : I love it while it lasts. Some of the most precious, memorable moments of my babies are snuggling with them in the family bed.  Waking up next to them, with their downy, sweaty little heads nuzzling into any nook of mama they can find.  Nothing more cozy.  

...and then comes a time when I just know (bruised ribs, dark eye circles are some signs to look for) that it is time to give them their own separate sleeping place.

 With Finch recently weaned and pretty independent all around... i must say, it truly was not much of a challenge.  

As you can see, they were quite distraught about the whole thing.

I decided instead of having to worry about him rolling off the bed (he and his brother are acrobatic sleepers)and/or get thrown into sleeping all by his lonesome, I'd give 'em a snuggle nest of their own. 

So, 2 mattresses on the floor it iss.  And did you know when you push two twins together, it makes a perfect king? 
AND did you know that i just got 2 vintage king size sheets (free) at an estate sale just days before??

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