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22 March 2012

lunar gardening

   Planting by the moon. (Keep in mind today is a new moon)

     So, gardeners have been aware for centuries of the effects the moons cycle has on the growth of plants because of the effect that it's gravitational pull has on moisture in the soil.  A very real phenomenon.
 Basically the trick is to sow and plant when the moon is waxing... and cultivate, weed and eradicate pests and diseases when the moon is waning.   

This means that there is an optimal time in each lunar month to perform each type of gardening activity, sowing, planting, harvesting, seed collection etc.  

The basic activities in the various phases of the moon are 
- New moon-  brings in an upsurge of energy so we sow, plant, and transplant annuals which produce above ground crops. (tomatoes, peas,etc...)
 Avoid harvesting at this time as rot sets in more quickly and mow and trim if growth is to be encouraged. 

-1st quarter - the sap is still rising, so carry on with more or less the same activities as in the new moon.

 -Full moon-  sees a peak in electromagnetic energies - the sap begins to flow downwards towards the roots so it is a favorable time to plant anything for which good root growth is important. (carrots, beets, etc...) We also harvest at this time as there is less chance of rot setting in.

4th quarter - is the barren time of the lunar cycle so it is an optimum time to weed and cultivate as well as harvesting. It is not a good time to sow and plant although transplanting can begin about 3 days before the new moon arrives.

There is also an aspect of astrology to be taken into consideration, if you are up for it.    From what I understand, the sign that the moon is in, whether it is a fertile (water and earth signs) or barren (fire and air signs) can increase or decrease the benefits.. 

I did just order this book, "In Tune with the Moon" and am excited to be a bit more mindful of this gardening aspect this year. 

 I have very half-assedly planted by the moon in previous years, but never took notice or paid attention to whether or not the crops seemed to be stronger or more plentiful due to this.  

The farmers almanac is a great resource for gardening tips and information.  I found very handy this chart specific to Denver for exact planting dates.

Tons of other places online to find info on planting by the moon.... here , here,  and here.   for starters.

And, since we are on the subject... 
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(photographer:Laurent Laveder)

There. I'm done. 

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