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10 March 2012

Finch's birth story , part 1

 At this time on the 10th of June last year I was lying in bed at the hospital, just having been given the prostaglandin suppository, to begin the onset of labor in the gentlest way possible.  I was feeling a bit helpless as I had thought I was going to be able to take the prostaglandins and go home that night for the "waiting for labor to start" part.
     Huge bummer when the nurse began putting my medical bracelet on, "oh no, honey.  You need to stay here from now until that baby comes out now..."

 I had not quite finished packing my hospital bag, (procrastinator that i am) had not said goodbye or explained anything to Sergei, or really even eaten much...  was not quite ready to be going through this part, alone.  (John had had to go back home to Serge)   Honestly, this was a very hard night and I spent it in and out of sleep,teary and cramping.
  My Dr, Michael Hall is the only doctor in Denver that would let women even attempt a vaginal breech delivery.  My wonderful Doula, Josie led me to him when I first found out Finch was right side up.  Unfortunately, he would be out of the country when Finch was due, so I had no choice really but to be induced 2 weeks early, unless I wanted a c-section.   Luckily finch was big enough at this point that  they would allow induction.

So, there I was.  Trying to sleep, trying to picture how the following day was going to play out, tummy rumbling, trying not to worry, and looking forward to meeting my baby...

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