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05 March 2012

death of a seamonkey

Santa was kind enough to bring Sergei sea monkeys for christmas.  He followed the directions...first purify water... add eggs 12 hrs later.... wait a week, than add food... 
Well, turns out we got a weak batch.  Only I sea monkey survived, and he was given a name, R2D2.
Sergei fed him diligently and he seemed to be thriving.

Now for the slightly heartbreaking part of the story... We found R2D2 dead in his tank this morning.    It was a real shocker.  The only sea monkey of the group to live beyond just a few days... he had been alive almost 60!  A full Sea Monkey life, I told Serge.. but there is nothing i could have said to dull the initial pain he felt right then in his little heart. Let me tell you how  hard this was as a mama to witness. Ouch.  Explaining death to a child i think, can be as difficult as you make it.

 I told him the truth of course, that  I truly don't know what happens to that little Sea Monkey spirit after death.  I told him no-one really knows but here are some different ideas people have. 

 He liked the idea of the sea monkey ghost floating around our house maybe for a little while, or maybe livng in the clouds. Maybe it will be reincarnated as a hamster.... 
  He did not want to bury it;  instead, he flushed the little tiny carcass down the toilet, all the while sobbing.   It took about 7 mins for him to get over it luckily, then i think he quite enjoyed picturing the cute little ghost swimming through our dining room...  an invisible mascot for the household.  Why not? 

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