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22 March 2012

lunar gardening

   Planting by the moon. (Keep in mind today is a new moon)

     So, gardeners have been aware for centuries of the effects the moons cycle has on the growth of plants because of the effect that it's gravitational pull has on moisture in the soil.  A very real phenomenon.
 Basically the trick is to sow and plant when the moon is waxing... and cultivate, weed and eradicate pests and diseases when the moon is waning.   

This means that there is an optimal time in each lunar month to perform each type of gardening activity, sowing, planting, harvesting, seed collection etc.  

The basic activities in the various phases of the moon are 
- New moon-  brings in an upsurge of energy so we sow, plant, and transplant annuals which produce above ground crops. (tomatoes, peas,etc...)
 Avoid harvesting at this time as rot sets in more quickly and mow and trim if growth is to be encouraged. 

-1st quarter - the sap is still rising, so carry on with more or less the same activities as in the new moon.

 -Full moon-  sees a peak in electromagnetic energies - the sap begins to flow downwards towards the roots so it is a favorable time to plant anything for which good root growth is important. (carrots, beets, etc...) We also harvest at this time as there is less chance of rot setting in.

4th quarter - is the barren time of the lunar cycle so it is an optimum time to weed and cultivate as well as harvesting. It is not a good time to sow and plant although transplanting can begin about 3 days before the new moon arrives.

There is also an aspect of astrology to be taken into consideration, if you are up for it.    From what I understand, the sign that the moon is in, whether it is a fertile (water and earth signs) or barren (fire and air signs) can increase or decrease the benefits.. 

I did just order this book, "In Tune with the Moon" and am excited to be a bit more mindful of this gardening aspect this year. 

 I have very half-assedly planted by the moon in previous years, but never took notice or paid attention to whether or not the crops seemed to be stronger or more plentiful due to this.  

The farmers almanac is a great resource for gardening tips and information.  I found very handy this chart specific to Denver for exact planting dates.

Tons of other places online to find info on planting by the moon.... here , here,  and here.   for starters.

And, since we are on the subject... 
Check out this sweet puzzle on etsy,  this ingenious mug, and this necklace.  *pitter pat pitter pat *
Oh, and last but not least... i love this swimsuit and all the others from this company for that matter.

(photographer:Laurent Laveder)

There. I'm done. 

16 March 2012

keeping busy toddlers happy...

I must say, Pinterest has made my life as a stay at home daycare mama quite a bit easier lately...
So many great crafty ideas, recipes and learning activities on there... the best of the internet, and it just keeps getting better as more people join... *sigh* Sweet sweet pinterest... <3
Anywho, here are a couple ideas i put into action this week with the boys...
Nice quiet time activities i must say, good for some zen focus time  before nap, or when things are getting a little rowdy...

I used hot pink duct tape this time, but have used masking tape and also electrical tape in the past as well. I made a really simple road this time, but  you can really go town if you let yourself. :)  Bust out a pile of matchbox cars, throw on some classical music, and you'll most likely have at least a half hour of chill play happen (in this case the boys stayed entertained for more than an hour, yay!) 

I must say, this next one was pretty darn fun as well.. we came back to it a couple times through out the day in fact.  So simple, a colander and some pipe cleaners.
Plenty  of language/ teaching opportunities with this activity.  Colors, shapes, we even made our  
names.   They also had fun turning it over and pulling them out the other side.  Good stuff i tell ya.

12 March 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Finch!


You lay your little head on my shoulder for one of your signature snuggles, i kiss your head and your fluffy litttle feathers tickle my nose... my heart skips a beat from cozy overload, and i see how long i can make the moment last... 

 Can someone please tell me how this tiny, skinny, wrinkly little mouse turned into....


 ...THIS strong,curious, stair climbing, furry, feisty fox cub... overnight?!


So grown up.
Birthday berries and cream face!

   Finch, you are a blessing beyond what i could have imagined.  
So incredibly charming and sweet. With a sense of humor beyond your days.   I love you to pieces,  and though this year has been the most  fleeting in my life so far, it is hard to remember what life was like before you.  I'll tell you what it was... incomplete, my baby. 

10 March 2012

Finch's birth story , part 1

 At this time on the 10th of June last year I was lying in bed at the hospital, just having been given the prostaglandin suppository, to begin the onset of labor in the gentlest way possible.  I was feeling a bit helpless as I had thought I was going to be able to take the prostaglandins and go home that night for the "waiting for labor to start" part.
     Huge bummer when the nurse began putting my medical bracelet on, "oh no, honey.  You need to stay here from now until that baby comes out now..."

 I had not quite finished packing my hospital bag, (procrastinator that i am) had not said goodbye or explained anything to Sergei, or really even eaten much...  was not quite ready to be going through this part, alone.  (John had had to go back home to Serge)   Honestly, this was a very hard night and I spent it in and out of sleep,teary and cramping.
  My Dr, Michael Hall is the only doctor in Denver that would let women even attempt a vaginal breech delivery.  My wonderful Doula, Josie led me to him when I first found out Finch was right side up.  Unfortunately, he would be out of the country when Finch was due, so I had no choice really but to be induced 2 weeks early, unless I wanted a c-section.   Luckily finch was big enough at this point that  they would allow induction.

So, there I was.  Trying to sleep, trying to picture how the following day was going to play out, tummy rumbling, trying not to worry, and looking forward to meeting my baby...

05 March 2012

death of a seamonkey

Santa was kind enough to bring Sergei sea monkeys for christmas.  He followed the directions...first purify water... add eggs 12 hrs later.... wait a week, than add food... 
Well, turns out we got a weak batch.  Only I sea monkey survived, and he was given a name, R2D2.
Sergei fed him diligently and he seemed to be thriving.

Now for the slightly heartbreaking part of the story... We found R2D2 dead in his tank this morning.    It was a real shocker.  The only sea monkey of the group to live beyond just a few days... he had been alive almost 60!  A full Sea Monkey life, I told Serge.. but there is nothing i could have said to dull the initial pain he felt right then in his little heart. Let me tell you how  hard this was as a mama to witness. Ouch.  Explaining death to a child i think, can be as difficult as you make it.

 I told him the truth of course, that  I truly don't know what happens to that little Sea Monkey spirit after death.  I told him no-one really knows but here are some different ideas people have. 

 He liked the idea of the sea monkey ghost floating around our house maybe for a little while, or maybe livng in the clouds. Maybe it will be reincarnated as a hamster.... 
  He did not want to bury it;  instead, he flushed the little tiny carcass down the toilet, all the while sobbing.   It took about 7 mins for him to get over it luckily, then i think he quite enjoyed picturing the cute little ghost swimming through our dining room...  an invisible mascot for the household.  Why not? 

PJ gets a haircut...

And a new recycled sweater sleeve sweater... pretty suave, huh? Thx Auntie Delanie for the sweater to sewing room donation.

Unfortunately, they also knicked his paw while trimming his nails so he has been in need of a bit more TLC than normal the last couple days. The girl who groomed him felt so incredibly bad and it was clear that he still trusted her after all was said and done, so no hard feelings, of course.
Isn't he just the most adorable little fluffhead?