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28 February 2012

And the family grows...

This is PJ.  The newest member of our crew. As of now we are a 6 member household.. we hope to stay this way for a while.
Though he was kind of a hand me down, I am quite positive he was meant to live here.  As a matter of fact, I was pretty suprised how quickly O'Malley cat (Queen of the household) accepted and even took to sharing the foot of my bed with him on an evening here and there.  He does not shed, only has 2 teeth (same ones as Finchy at the moment, bottom middle) rarely barks, and is SUPER mellow.

 Pretty much a non-dog, dog. (LOOK AT HIS FUR PANTS!!!) He does, however like to snuggle... and sleep.  Hence Sergei and I's project the other night.
A NO- SEW (because i am was feeling lazy and my sewing room is kind of a mess) doggie bed. 

Serge Laying out the fabric and doing his best Vanna??

Anyway, I think the pictures are pretty self one of those fleece baby blankets, but with stuffing inside.

Simple, yes.  And just what PJ needed to feel right at home. 
Snuggy snug. <3 this guy. 

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  1. so cute, both the dog, sergei, and the bed! how did you make this? i can not sew, so this would be perfect for for my dog!