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29 January 2012


Ketchup.testing testing...1,2...

Get it? I need to catsup with y'all, cause i been slackin in the sharing dept. Been without a working computer the last few weeks, and blogging has just seemed too daunting to bother with.  I personally love blogs with purdy photos , especially when the "blogger" isn't much of a writer...  *Ahem* and without my computer to upload to, just kinda gave up for a bit.  Looking forward to a new ( at least to me) laptop for my tax time fun goodie.
... And then watch out! This koala wrangler has got a stash! of bloggy goodness saved up...

 Yes, could have done it from my iPad but....'tis the old fashioned kind without that fancy dancy camera on it,and 
 I truly didn't feel like torturing anyone with my ridiculous rambling and awkward humor. 
So, long story short-ish...I have a technical excuse this time for my absence. 

I must say, I HAVE been keeping quite busy, and   Pinterest has been pretty inspirational for me as of late, trying some new things inthe crafting/ art department,been feeling pretty inspired in the Mama-ing dept...and even a bit in the areas of cooking and garden planning.  

Now for testing part.  I just found this app for blogging and I'm trying it out. 
Supposed to able to type this up, and then import to blogger lickety split. Hmmm.
Let's add a photo.

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