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21 October 2011

Children of a Revolution

T-Rex  won't stop playing in my head.

Here at the Koala house, we are finding the Occupy movement an exciting and beautiful thing to witness and take part in.  On Friday,  I got to take Serge down to the capital where the "tent city" had been recently demolished (the first time) and some  people still remained, strong, even after a long night, arrests of fellow occupiers and torment by police officers.
We joined them for a bit.  
Of course I am not going to worry Sergei with gorey details, but I explained what was happening as:  when we want to  change something we feel is important in our world,  gathering together helps to make our voices heard.  He seemed happy with this explanation, and wanted to hold a sign with another little girl there.  He saw that the cars were honking and cheering at him- at us, and he felt the energy.  

Then on Saturday there was a march, and I went down to join and wore Finch in the carrier. 
Incredible, the thousands of people from various walks of life marching together,  demanding that their voices be heard, that things need to change. Many, many things need to change.

I think this is a decent summary of the movement:

Below are some photos from the march.  Not much, as i was wearing finch on my chest and his little grabby mcgrabbers wouldn't leave the camera strap and lens alone (as usual) 
This march was unfortunately followed by more arrests and bullying by the police force. Sorry, but it's true.

(finch takes a nursie break)

We will be attending this concert tomorrow and if you are local, maybe I'll see you there???

Gotta say it woulda been nice to be there to sing with Jeff Mangum in Liberty Park earlier this month...


On a side note: if you have not closed your bank account and moved your money to a credit union or stuffed it under your mattress, now's prolly a good time to do that. 

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