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11 October 2011

So, it's true. I don't get out much.  And that's ok. I don't drive, and my bike has a flat and has for longer than a month... (Now that I think about it, I have to fix that problem before friday..)
 Anyway, my life is packed jam full of a lot of stroller walks (to and from Serge's school, the library, coffee shop and grocery store) and then the rest of my days are usually spent, cleaning, feeding little people, and keeping those same tiny humans busy outside and inside of my house.
 My house.
 I spend a lot of time here .
But...I must admit (and at times remind myself), this is what I want my days to look like at this point in time in my life and the evolution of my family.  My kids are young and I want to be with them.     I have the rest of my life to go back to school and work,  hang out with adults and tie up loose ends and such.  For now, I am mama. And the rest of my life is just going to have to wait a bit..
  That being said, I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of the mamas that ARE doing it while their kids are young.  Working hard to find great care, and persevering to make the best life for them and their little ones.  All situations are different and I know I am very lucky (though broke as all get out ;) to be able to stay home.  To have a house where I am able to watch other children, in a location where I won't go crazy from isolation, it is an ideal scenario for this.

So, I never get out is what I was saying, and a sweet lady friend of mine  grabbed me up for a fabric store run the other day.  A real treat. I know it sounds crazy, but Ikea one day,and  Joann fabrics the next? I was seriously excited, friends.
So I got some sale fleece for soaker (diaper cover) and jammie makin'

(camping was only $3 a yard! )

some Joann sensations angel hair yarn to make my little Finchy a hat.  This hat i think.
 But possibly without the earflaps...

and some super fresh mushroom fabric I've had in my sights for a while.  Play pants? Another throw pillow for sergei's bed? I think it would make good pockets too! Or kitchen curtains or an accent on an apron.
What do you think?


  1. You're blog is coming along wonderfully! I love how it looks!

    Very well said here too. I wish you the best. I know many people who frown upon mothers who choose to stay at home with their children but you only live once. Some might feel comfortable always on the go with their children plopped down in daycare only to be fetched at afternoon's end for the precious few remaining ours, but for others, staying at home and watching them grow is ultimately ideal. And that's your choice - just as they have their choice, always own up to yours.

    This is ultimately something for you and the benefit of your family and thank God we all have the freedom to choose how we spend our time. I'm sure your children will reap wondrous benefits from it.

    Can't wait for Christmas to see you and the little bugger (well, BUGGERS now) again! HAHA, it'll be great!

    Much love and I hope all is well on your end m'dear. Hope you check my blog regularly too; I do my best to keep up. Hard work, but pretty fun and so worth it!