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09 October 2011

saturday night IKEA trip.

Holy. Cow. 
Delicious eye furni-candy, frosted with strangely low prices... 
Until now, my home has been furnished by thrift, craigslist and alley scores but, i dont know, i'm feeling  bit twitterpated, i must admit.

Just in time for my complete house cleanse, inspired by Simplicity Parenting , and carried out with help from a book called Organized Simplicity..  
Seems to be a theme here, eh?
Haha! Carried out, I suppose that would imply that i am finished with this purge, well not quite. but I have done enough to justify (to myself) a bit of  ikea finishing touch on a sweet, newly organized space, Sergei's bedroom.  He's sleeping in there now, so I cant take a pic, but lets just say, I got rid of 3 large garbage bags stuffed to the brim with toys, baby blankets, dress up excess, etc... And sold a large amount of Vintage golden books in order make ikea fundage a lot less painful.  In fact, it didn't hurt a bit.  Unless you count the heartache i felt when i had to leave because they were closing.
  I'll snap some shots tomorrow, for now i share what i splurged on.

For his bed:

For his brain:

For his floor:

Sergei's room is the coldest in the house in the winter, so I think with this and the help of a space heater we'll be golden.
I got them matching giant and tiny carrot softies.  How was i supposed to resist? seriously.

Not sure why I am feeling the need to share this with the entire world, guess I'm just that excited.

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  1. LOVE that rug!!! I've really been wanting to get an old sheepskin rug for the baby's room but 1. is seems kinda mean and 2. I cannot justify spending that kind of money....

    I saw something the other day and I could so see this in your home. Get some old tweed jackets from GoodWill or thrift and cut them up for a quilt! They come out so awesome!!! The second I saw that idea I thought of you. I'm really tempted to make one for Brad.