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21 October 2011

Children of a Revolution

T-Rex  won't stop playing in my head.

Here at the Koala house, we are finding the Occupy movement an exciting and beautiful thing to witness and take part in.  On Friday,  I got to take Serge down to the capital where the "tent city" had been recently demolished (the first time) and some  people still remained, strong, even after a long night, arrests of fellow occupiers and torment by police officers.
We joined them for a bit.  
Of course I am not going to worry Sergei with gorey details, but I explained what was happening as:  when we want to  change something we feel is important in our world,  gathering together helps to make our voices heard.  He seemed happy with this explanation, and wanted to hold a sign with another little girl there.  He saw that the cars were honking and cheering at him- at us, and he felt the energy.  

Then on Saturday there was a march, and I went down to join and wore Finch in the carrier. 
Incredible, the thousands of people from various walks of life marching together,  demanding that their voices be heard, that things need to change. Many, many things need to change.

I think this is a decent summary of the movement:

Below are some photos from the march.  Not much, as i was wearing finch on my chest and his little grabby mcgrabbers wouldn't leave the camera strap and lens alone (as usual) 
This march was unfortunately followed by more arrests and bullying by the police force. Sorry, but it's true.

(finch takes a nursie break)

We will be attending this concert tomorrow and if you are local, maybe I'll see you there???

Gotta say it woulda been nice to be there to sing with Jeff Mangum in Liberty Park earlier this month...


On a side note: if you have not closed your bank account and moved your money to a credit union or stuffed it under your mattress, now's prolly a good time to do that. 

15 October 2011

done, and done. now onto that hat...

Late night sewing escapades = badly lit photos(sorry) 

I'm waiting on the hem for serge's fleecies, since I realized the pants I have always used as a template are highwaters these days...

And Finchy's hippie play pants.  Foldable cuffs leave plenty of room for my suprisingly long and lean lil' fella(opposite of his bro) to grow.

13 October 2011

alley scores of the week.

 *A stack of amazing magazinses for kid/ mama art.

* Also a neat stack of black and white photos...

*4 bamboo drawers, very useful for sorting/ storing mail and bills. Im thinking they'll live on the fridge where that pile resides right now...

*My favorite. Super light metal chest.  Hope this guys ready for  little mod podge decoupage action...

And... found nail polish o super sale.. Ooooooooo Weeeeeeeee!
Let the fun begin...

11 October 2011

So, it's true. I don't get out much.  And that's ok. I don't drive, and my bike has a flat and has for longer than a month... (Now that I think about it, I have to fix that problem before friday..)
 Anyway, my life is packed jam full of a lot of stroller walks (to and from Serge's school, the library, coffee shop and grocery store) and then the rest of my days are usually spent, cleaning, feeding little people, and keeping those same tiny humans busy outside and inside of my house.
 My house.
 I spend a lot of time here .
But...I must admit (and at times remind myself), this is what I want my days to look like at this point in time in my life and the evolution of my family.  My kids are young and I want to be with them.     I have the rest of my life to go back to school and work,  hang out with adults and tie up loose ends and such.  For now, I am mama. And the rest of my life is just going to have to wait a bit..
  That being said, I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of the mamas that ARE doing it while their kids are young.  Working hard to find great care, and persevering to make the best life for them and their little ones.  All situations are different and I know I am very lucky (though broke as all get out ;) to be able to stay home.  To have a house where I am able to watch other children, in a location where I won't go crazy from isolation, it is an ideal scenario for this.

So, I never get out is what I was saying, and a sweet lady friend of mine  grabbed me up for a fabric store run the other day.  A real treat. I know it sounds crazy, but Ikea one day,and  Joann fabrics the next? I was seriously excited, friends.
So I got some sale fleece for soaker (diaper cover) and jammie makin'

(camping was only $3 a yard! )

some Joann sensations angel hair yarn to make my little Finchy a hat.  This hat i think.
 But possibly without the earflaps...

and some super fresh mushroom fabric I've had in my sights for a while.  Play pants? Another throw pillow for sergei's bed? I think it would make good pockets too! Or kitchen curtains or an accent on an apron.
What do you think?

09 October 2011

saturday night IKEA trip.

Holy. Cow. 
Delicious eye furni-candy, frosted with strangely low prices... 
Until now, my home has been furnished by thrift, craigslist and alley scores but, i dont know, i'm feeling  bit twitterpated, i must admit.

Just in time for my complete house cleanse, inspired by Simplicity Parenting , and carried out with help from a book called Organized Simplicity..  
Seems to be a theme here, eh?
Haha! Carried out, I suppose that would imply that i am finished with this purge, well not quite. but I have done enough to justify (to myself) a bit of  ikea finishing touch on a sweet, newly organized space, Sergei's bedroom.  He's sleeping in there now, so I cant take a pic, but lets just say, I got rid of 3 large garbage bags stuffed to the brim with toys, baby blankets, dress up excess, etc... And sold a large amount of Vintage golden books in order make ikea fundage a lot less painful.  In fact, it didn't hurt a bit.  Unless you count the heartache i felt when i had to leave because they were closing.
  I'll snap some shots tomorrow, for now i share what i splurged on.

For his bed:

For his brain:

For his floor:

Sergei's room is the coldest in the house in the winter, so I think with this and the help of a space heater we'll be golden.
I got them matching giant and tiny carrot softies.  How was i supposed to resist? seriously.

Not sure why I am feeling the need to share this with the entire world, guess I'm just that excited.

08 October 2011

A couple of shout outs. Other blogging mama friends of mine...
Elizabeast Homemaker
Conflicted Premed Mom
Radical Parents
Home from the Hip

Domestic Simplicity

 A super mama blog which I've mentioned before, Domestic Simplicity. Feeling like I should give another shout out, in case any of you haven't checked it out yet. 
Written by a long distance friend, and inspirational working mama of 2. Her pictures are absolutely beautiful,  and posts are comforting and sweet, as well as inspirational. She makes it look so easy, not sure how she does it.

Mothering the Mother

This is a project supporting single mamas in Boulder, that a friend of mine is working hard on getting off the ground.
 Check out/follow her Blog, post the link on facebook, and/or tell your friends about it.  Mothering the Mother: Update... 

Really should be more of this stuff going on.

02 October 2011

"There's a banana downstairs with your name on it.."

You wouldn't think I was being literal with this claim to lure Sergei out of bed for school would you?
Strategic, artistic, and/or personalized banana bruising: the next big thing.

Simple genius like this never ceases to amaze me.
Each banana is like a canvas to me now... Life just got a lot more exciting , folks ;).
(geez, I have got to get out more ...)