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11 September 2011

Happy 6 month birthday to my little Buddha. He sits like this often, and i am convinced he is meditating. 

 Feels like days ago that I was typing up his 3 mos letter of adoration.  We are so lucky to have this little person in our lives.

 Since the day you were born, people would comment that you are a wise old soul, that you seemed to be thinking much deeper and know more than a newborn baby. Said it seemed you were soul searching with each gaze, and some were even a little creeped out. :)
 Those intense blue eyes. 

Countless friends, family and strangers commented on your "little man face"  Though now your looks are changing, and your face (and physique) is filling out and looking more boyish, your eyes still seem to hold this eerie mysticism...

And now for a bunch of random finch facts:

 *You are sweet and mellow and easy on your mama. Thank you.
*You love to watch your older brother play and he loves to read books to you and trys to teach you how to wrestle.

 * You always smile at strangers and sometimes give so much love out in public that people stop me and talk to you for long periods of time.  Pretty sure they'd take you home  with em if i offered.   
*You have very busy hands, you love to scratch things.  I know you are awake when i hear you scratching the sheets through the baby monitor, no crying, just scritch scratch scritch.  

*Your arms flail around and seem to have a mind of their own at times, especially when you are tired.  While you are going to sleep i wrap them in a blanket so you don't smack yourself over and over in the head.

 *You LOVE to suck, and after accumulating multiple arm hickies from you, i decided to offer you a pacifier, and oh boy do you love it.  
*You still sleep with Mommy and Daddy all night, and you are a great nurser. 
* you are getting stronger every day. You are working on crawling and sitting up. Though your favorite is standing with help.

*You love baths and homemade baby food, even when i spike it with cod liver oil.. 

 *Your little baby dreads. I cut a couple new ones out every week. Bizarre (and adorable)

 *Your new baby cousin , Althea.  She was born June 28th when you were 3.5 mos old.  You don't really know what to make of her yet, but you smile and laugh at her and try to grab her face.

*You absolutely adore Mommy's singing.  Sometimes you seem to get so moved when i sing to you that your eyes well up with tears as you smile. 

* You've already flown in an airplane, gone camping, seen a jiu jitsu tournament,gone swimming, and spent a week on a farm.

 SO, so incredibly sweet you are,little Finch Edward Jacare.  We are truly loving every minute of watching you grow and be. 

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  1. Awww Finchy. We love you. Wyatt cannot wait to show you how to throw things (just not at people).