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17 September 2011

Finchy wants food! What to feed my baby bird...

"So,when should I start giving this little guy something other than breast milk?"  (I ask, honestly, just out of morbid curiosity to see what they are telling mamas these days...) 

And what did my doctor tell me? "Start him on rice cereal at 4 or 5 mos, whenever he seems to show an interest in food."  Blech. 

Well my friends, I do not have a medical degree, but I have done enough research to know that rice cereal is the absolute wrong thing to give a baby. First, or ever.  
  There are great posts all over the web including here and here and luckily I had Nourishing Traditions when Serge was a baby so I did have access to  information similar to this here. I followed these basic guidelines (listed below), with the exception of being vigilant about soaking oatmeal and nuts, etc... More about phytic acid in grains and legumes here(Need to work on that, I am SO bad at planning ahead...) And only did the liver once i think.  Also vowing to try again.
And I must say, Serge has always been an extremely healthy kid. Never an ear infection, allergy, or rash. He rarely gets sick and when he does, is usually one of the first to kick it. Not once has he been to the doctor for anything other than a routine check-up.

Route I have chosen for my boys, as recommended by the Weston A.Price foundation                   

 4-6 Months

  • Minimal foods, as tolerated by baby
  • Egg yolk--if tolerated, preferably from pastured chickens, lightly boiled and salted(sea salt)
  • Banana--mashed, for babies who are very mature and seem hungry
  • Cod liver oil-- 1/4 teaspoon high vitamin or 1/2 teaspoon regular, given with an eye dropper 6-8 months
  • Organic liver--grated frozen and added to egg yolk
  • Pureed meats--lamb, turkey, beef, chicken, liver and fish
  • Soup broth--(chicken, beef, lamb, fish) added to pureed meats and vegetables, or offered as a drink
  • Fermented foods--small amounts of yoghurt, kefir, sweet potato, taro, if desired
  • Raw mashed fruits--banana, melon, mangoes, papaya, avocado
  • Cooked, pureed fruits--organic apricot, peaches, pears, apples, cherries, berries
  • Cooked vegetables--zucchini, squash, sweet potato, carrots, beets, with butter or coconut oil  8-12 months
  • Continue to add variety and increase thickness and lumpiness of the foods already given from 4-8 months
  • Creamed vegetable soups
  • Homemade stews--all ingredinets cut small or mashed
  • Dairy--cottage cheese, mild harder raw cheese, cream, custards
  • Finger foods--when baby can grab and adequately chew, such as lightly steamed veggie sticks, mild cheese, avocado chunks, pieces of banana
  • Cod liver oil--increase to 1/2 teaspoon high vitamin or 1 teaspooon regular dose             Over 1 Year
  • Grains and legumes--properly soaked and cooked
  • Crispy nut butters--see recipes in Nourishing Traditions
  • Leafy green vegetables--cooked, with butter
  • Raw salad vegetables--cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.
  • Citrus fruit--fresh, organic
  • Whole egg--cooked

I liked this book a lot.
Easy read, solid info.

Nina Planck helps make sense of the whole mess of  disinformation and "nutritional" recommendations I've come across since I began this quest to feed my kids right. 
 Pretty sad how hard it is to find the proper information, aka: the truth about what is going to help your perfect little person thrive and give them the most solid foundation for a healthy (most likely cavity, allergy  and auto-immune disease free) life.

Basically, don't feed your babies and children processed garbage. Feed them real food.  Make sure they get enough good quality  saturated fats, real vitamins and minerals from food (specifically vitamins A and D found in quality cod liver oil are uber important) and plenty of good bacteria in their diet (yogurt, lacto-fermented foods, probiotic supplement, etc..)


  1. Brad started with Banana *which he HATES to this day*, oats and barley, egg yolks and then some mild veggies like roasted sweet potatoes. I think I actually started him around 4 1/2 or five months. I used organic rice cereals when I'd make 'creamed' fruits or if I accidentally added to much breast milk when thinning out his foods. He is a veggie-holic to this day. Unless it is ground turkey or chicken it is so hard to get this kid to eat his meats. lol

  2. cool! so you were on the yolk train too! Love it:)
    Choline is so super important for baby brains!

  3. Always so so happy to see you in this space:)