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11 June 2011

tres meses de edad!

Fastest three months of my life.  
Oh, little Finch, we are all completely smitten with you.  You are so dear, so sweet and tolerant. Your head smells so sweaty, and flowery and delicious, even though you probably don't get enough baths...  Your hair is softer than chinchilla fur, and the sounds you make have gone from cute and funny (you have always been quite a grunter and a squeaker) to full blown drop-dead adorable and engaging... You call us over and gaze into our eyes as you go on and on in your deep little voice.  Your personality is already quite apparent.  You are a straight up friendly dude, and oh boy is your big brother ever proud of you. 

"Finch is funny. Like when he doesn't have his diaper on and he turns into a fountain. And we went to the playground and he pooped all over you, mom."

"When he gets a little bigger, we are going to be Batman and Robin.  Finch will be Robin. He really looks like Robin."

" I love you, brudder."

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