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17 June 2011

rocky mountain high

Such pure soul refreshing goodness.  Got the heck outta dodge today. A much needed break from the everydayness of things lately. A scenic spiral drive..up up up..and a simple picnic on a river.  Toes full to the nails of squishy mud and serge's first real tree climb adventure.  

 Feeling utterly grateful for a certain friend and her mom-mobile (not to mention the bright, adorable kiddos it totes around)

 (couple of serious seafarers)

(a fossil expert)
(and this guy...!)

I would like to take a minute to thank goodness for greased up baby thighs...

and sandy diaper butts.

For new experiences,

and just a touch of living on the edge... :)


  1. Yeah for adventure! I love nothing more than to see the kids getting dirty up in the hills.