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26 June 2011

Planting our sunflower house..

Don't think I ever even posted pictures of last years, which i must say was quite magical.. 
Ah, well. Here are a couple.. hope we have such success this time around. 

First as baby sunflowerini's..

And...big ol' grown up sunflower house...

So, it's that time (well, its actually well beyond that time, but, you know...) of year again!

Step 1: till up a circle leaving a spot open for a door...

Step 2: Mix in some compost or potting soil 

Step 3: plant your seeds 
If you're lucky, you have an experienced  gardener at your side to help spread em' out and "poke 'em" into the dirt.

Here, serge shows us just what they will look like when they are full grown.
Pretty good impression of a sunflower, don'tcha think???

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  1. update: my landlords landscaping dudes mowed em down by mistake :( better luck next year...