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28 May 2011

Finch's 2 mos Dr Appt

Here you were at 2 weeks old... 
(2 weeks early mind you, so you were really at about term at this point.)
10th % head
45th % weight 
50th % length

And LOOK at you now!
10 weeks old!
50th % head circumference
75th % height and weight!
 Bearing weight on your legs (you love to stand up)
 and lifting your head and trunk (cobra style)
Dr. Anderson was quite impressed!

xoxo! SO much love , my big strong healthy guy!

04 May 2011

Mama is just madly lovin' her koalas today, i gotta say.
Serge has become such an independent person in the last 2 months.  Glowing with a new understanding and intense curiosity...  So fascinating to witness and to be a part of his life right now.

*I keep hoping to have time to write up an ode to sweet little Finch.
Brief his amazing birth, and attempt to put into words how much joy he brings every day.
But alas, I type this at almost midnight (way past my bedtime) as I hear him grunting a bit and I feel my milk let down... 
I've been on craigslist/amazon carseat/booster browsing.It's always something...

Anyway, guess I should say goodnight.
Hope to be back tomorrow...