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27 April 2011

happiness does have a price. $12

So, 31 classic kids books on cassette tape from the library book sale...
 $12 dollars. 

Serge (my little book addict) is in HEAVEN.

And..."So, what's this i hear about you having a blog?" the librarian asks me... 

(Does this mean I'm famous?)

Our faithful old $20 craigslist turntable never sounded so sweet...

Finchy approves.


  1. Oh, what a find!!!! I used to ADORE books on tape when I was a child. I hope to introduce Brad soon. I totally believe that books on tape and following along helped teach me to read and to LOVE reading.

  2. We were so excied. Me too. It's nice to bring it downa notch from the tv sometimes... and also have a break from reading all of the books myself.