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01 March 2011

* kitchen cart to changing table, transformation! *

Our sad old kitchen cart, which no longer had a purpose after out new stainless steel shelf moved in...
We took him off his casters and went to work.

                                                         Sandy sand sand sand.

Mixy mix mix mix.

Threw some blue acrylic in with some yellow latex paint remaining from last weeks shelf project.
The goal was to make it match our Boon Frog, since it is to be going in the bathroom. 

                            Painty paint...
                            paint paint,and....

I'll snap a better shot when i get all these tiny clothes sorted. 
Getting so super excited over here to meet this busy ittle person in my tum!


  1. I am so impressed This makes me want to run out and do something crafty and functional!

  2. My favorite color! Makes me want to paint all my furniture. You're so good:)

  3. Hummmm a nice warm Sunday makes me think I have no regard for my mothers antique wash stand or child rocking chair and that it must now be... I'll update you on the color! :D