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07 March 2011

37 and a half weeks: preparing for "Chef's" arrival

For those of you who don't know, Sergei decided about 5 months ago that his brother's name should probably be Chef.  Though he's gone back and forth, (he also likes Crayony and Coffee) Chef is currently back to holding the # 1 spot, and since pops and I have nothing solid as of yet.. Chef it is... for now.

So it turns out that "Chef" is in breech presentation and has been for a while. 

 We've spent the last 2 weeks or so attempting to change his mind, but have been so far unsuccessful.
I spent quite a bit of time of time upside down, 

All of these are proven, trusted, natural techniques that can in various ways encourage baby to turn. 
However, sometimes theres a reason he is positioned this way. Whether it be the shape of the uterus, length of cord, etc... And to push it too much (external cephalic version) may not be a good idea as it could cause stress to the babe, not to mention hurt like hell.

I have accepted the fact that this just may be the way he will stay until birth, as he is already over 7 lbs and hasn't budged an inch in quite a while. 
Also, many babies are able to do the big turn while mama is in labor, with the help of contractions.

I was bummed to learn that the midwives and OBs at the practice I am at (University Hospital)send breech presenting babies straight to cesarean, as do all other hospital midwives and OB's around with the exception of 1. 
 Dr. Michael Hall who works at Swedish Hospital here in Denver is very experienced in and supportive of Vaginal Breech deliveries. So, I have since switched hospitals AGAIN. This time to Swedish. Met with Dr.Hall a couple of times and am back to feeling alright with the cards I've been dealt.

Unfortunately, Dr. Hall will be leaving the country after this weekend until my due date, so I had to make the difficult decision to try a gentle induction this friday,at 28 weeks... or wait it out and possibly have to have a c section if he is gone when I go into labor, which is likely.
I've been having false labor type contractions regularly for the past week, and have begun to dilate and efface already. Given the size of this pumpkin head, and how I have been feeling like he is going to be coming early anyway, I have chosen to try the induction. Let me tell you, not an easy choice.

I'm very lucky to have so much supportive loving family, and so many dear friends to vent to, bounce things off and give my little guy thoughtful, and stylish swag.Not to mention, my Doula, Josie Shapiro with me along this twisty turny pregnancy journey... She has helped me stay positive and well informed about all of my options.  Even though this is NOT the birth I had in mind, I know it is going to be so beautiful and perfectly what it is.   


  1. You're a courageous mama. Seriously. I admire you so much for sticking to what's important to you and making the best of a challenging situation. Like you said, your birth is going to be "so beautiful and perfectly what it is"!!! Sending you and your family positive vibes and thoughts of a speedy, amazing birth experience! <3

  2. Spent the evening watching breech birth videos and thinking that you could totally do it. That babe will find his way calmly into the world any which way. Happy soon to be birthday Chef Carrot Head Campbell(Milo added that part)! xoxo