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18 February 2011

practice makes perfect

Thought I'd let his friends and loved ones in on what serge has been working on this week.  
He has had (but not used) a balance bike since his last birthday... we recently traded in the wooden version for a more solid metal version with a skinnier seat (good ol' craigslist) hoping it would  encourage him to ride it, or even be the least bit interested ... well, it didn't. Serge has been a scooter/ big wheel kid all the way, up until this week. 
 It all started on Valentines Day when his good friend Milo stopped by with his mama to walk with us to story time.  Milo was looking uber cool on his Skut bike and going really fast and Serge was prety darn impressed.  All the way home, he talked about how he wanted to go fast like Milo and decided that he wanted to start practicing every day. Well, he really put his mind to it,and in three days he is pretty much there. He is zooming little hills-legs out totally balancing, hopping over bumps and all.  

In case you are wondering if Sergei ever gets out of his pj's and into normal clothes for the day, the answer is yes, most of the time. :) And I must add that this is more than I can say for myself these days...

Please note that these pictures were taken days ago, before he was really getting much speed.  Now he is required to wear his awesome daisy helmet at all times. :) Pictures to come...

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  1. They are so darn cute on their bikes! Go Serge, go!