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15 February 2011


 We moved!  We found a great 3+ bedroom house in a great neighborhood for an unheard of price and had to snatch it up.  Though the move was out of the blue, and honestly quite KILLER for this hernia laden 3rd trimester mama, we are finally all moved in and couldn't be happier. 
With tons more space for a new little person to join us, and even a craft room/ office space to call my own.  No more moving my sewing machine from living room to dining room to bedroom and back to living room for lack of a better place. We have gained at least 500 square feet here and as renters are paying $200 per month less than our last house... we've atill got a huge yard with a raised bed even. I have a feeling this home is going to be quite good for my sanity.  

Soooo... coming soon will be some house pictures. 
 (Befores and afters are always fun, right?) 

But until then, thought I'd post about our valentines day (mostly cause i got to try out my new camera lens given to me by a bunch of awesome friends at my Blessingway a couple days ago) and it is the first time I've uploaded photos since January.

Our Valentines day started with bacon and eggs, followed by berry coconut smoothie pops... 
And it only got better from there...
Daddy was off of work, it was jammie day at library storytime, 
and hearts were abundant.
Sergee got to make and give out his first valentines...

AND got a heart shaped eye patch from a certain crafty mama and kiddo we just so happen to live right down the block from these days. Lucky us <3
On the way home from storytine (which is 2 blocks from our house now, yay!) serge and I scavenged some hearts... 

and drew some of our own...

We finished off the day off  with a trip to get some new house essentials:including bookshelves for sergees lil' home library, and my love day present from john... and a set of batman jammies for good measure.


  1. are you saying that you made smoothies with bacon,eggs and berries????????

  2. bacon and eggs first, smoothie pops second. seriously? i am bad at punctuating. always have been. Not to mention, i do not edit, so sorry for and past or future confusion this may cause. ;) what up with your blog, mama love?