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01 December 2010

serge's big christmas present update...

So...I have come to  the realization that there is no flarkin way i will have a quilt done by  the end of this month, so I've decided to reschedule such bold efforts to a more birthday-ish time.

 Will be more exciting for him to open something he can play with anyway, duh. As his imagination is where he resides most of the time these days.  He has finally become quite fond of my ghetto little farm playmat which i constructed last year. And that makes me oh so happy. 

 It also makes me think he is ready for a sweet-@$$ little gnome/fairy abode like THIS one,which I luckily scored for  $54 on amazon last week.  Apparently prices are going up for xmas?
SO much potential here, and instead of buying all the little premade add on's I figured I will just make my own.  
(lil' characters, woodland furniture, mossy felted playmat)

 I'll keep you updated on my process, have found some helpful sites and such, think it is very doable. 
 As long as serge continues going to bed at or before 9 so I am able to have a moment without his big, sweet, round face asking me to be mommy cow... or wonder woman... or sing that song again... 

"jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an egg..."  it IS the most hilarious song ever written, you know.

On a side note, Sergei has been working very hard on some artwork of his own to gift.  
 Although most of them it turns out,are for Michael Jackson. Hmmmm...

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