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01 December 2010

Phun with Phyllo

     So we've had this box of Phyllo (this company makes organic white, wheat and spelt dough and it is sold at whole foods) we've been meaning to play with for a couple weeks now.  So when we got news that we would not have any kiddos coming over till 10:30am yesterday, Serge and i decided it was time. 

I decided to wing it on the recipes as anything you stuff into flaky pastry usually tastes delicious, and I gotta say, it was quite successful.

 Breakfast:-6 eggs (scrambled w/sea salt and pepper)
           -10 sheets of phyllo
           -5 slices of provolone
           -5 slices of ham (we use Applegate Farms black forest)
           - few oz's of grated chedder.

1. layer em. 2. butter on top.
3. bake it. (350*,45 ish min)
4. yum.

Then came these delicious little envelopes of goodness.

Mixed together:

 -1 egg beaten w/sea salt'n'pepa
 -4 or so oz's of feta
 -6 or so oz of cottage cheese
 -thawed package frozen spinach 

I sliced phyllo sheets down the middle for this one.

          Plop it on, and roll em up however you choose.

i really wanted to do the little spanokopita type triangles, but my pregnancy brain was not allowing such computations at this time.

       shlick em with butter, and pop em' in the oven.

                    So good. just ask serge.

Then came dessert, and by this time there were only about 8 remaining half sheets, so i did what i could with em'

crepes anyone?

 Really, not bad for 1 package of Phyllo. 
Will i do it again? Indeed i will. And soon.

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