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05 December 2010

our little countdown tree...

 i know i'm  a little late sharing, considering we are 6 days in... forgot how hectic it gets around this time of year.  The countdown has begun and Sergei is absolutely feelin' the spirit.    I decided to go with a "hidden pouch"  theme for our countdown to xmas.  Each numbered day holds a clue to where his little suprise pouch is hiding.  Pretty obvious clues, and i gotta admit, some of them don't really flow.  But hey.. thats what i get for trying to get creative at 1 in the morning.

At this point i was clearly beginning to lose it...

and then came the clincher... i know, so weird.
luckily sergei and i have the same strange sense of humor and i know he'll totally get it. 

happy countdown!


  1. This is such a sweet set of directions and photos to inspire! B

  2. I am so impressed by your creativity and clever use of words! You inspire me so much. Love, Val & Sage