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12 December 2010

needle felted playscape in the works...

    We are definitely in the full swing of holiday crafting now. Sergei's present is coming together slowly.
My good friend Loreli,  who is also slightly wool obsessed  came over recently with a garbage bag full of fresh off the sheep,  fleece... A portion of it she had washed prior, and we sat and talked felting for a while as she attempted to card through with a couple of regular o'l hairbrushes, and hey guess what , it worked!  Haha expensive carding brushes,   in yo' face!

Anyway, she was a sweetie and left me some to play with and it turns out it is PERFECT for rocks and dirt for the base of my playscape! I love all of the shades of grey and brown, and that it still smells super strongly of lanolin. Mmmmm... sheepy.
So, I've begun to construct the land on which his woodland creature home will sit.

I used a felted sweater scrap for the base, this will go around the back, and I will have another piece that fits around the front.  the cave is full of super silky merino wool for the gnomes and such to nap in...makes me wanna shrink down and crawl in myself.  I absolutely cannot wait to hover over sergei as he gets to know this thing.  <3  Also in  the plans are tiny twig furniture, a felted campfire, and somehow a little hammock, if anyones got ideas for that please help a sistah out.  
So far these are the only inhabitants i've managed to finish.  But hey, at least theres some progress being made, it is a serious endeavor, but I am determined! 13 days to go...


  1. Don't forget to make a felt
    Fred Penner.

  2. I totally am IN LOVE with that fox! after the holidays we're either going to have to trade some stuff or you're gonna have to teach me how to needle felt!