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22 December 2010

just a little shout out to my favorite gift crafting materials this year.

Homemade gifts! SO much fun! I'm feeling pretty good about my progress this year, so far, I still have much to do.  The goal being ALL homemade except a few choice items for Sergei this year.. I am thinking I just may be able to pull it off, a couple more late night to go... Phew!  

thrifted sweaters to upcycle... 

old vinyl

wool roving
    SOOOOO much potential...
 though i use office depot brand.
happy crafting!
Ritchie Valens station on Pandora is helping me along this fine afternoon.No other kids and Sergei is away on a museum field trip  yay for childcare trades!
  I'll be back to show you what I've been working on soon. :) 
   So, yule-tidings and all that...

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