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22 November 2010

wet felted earth booties

 My first wet felting experiment!
I made these booties using a "resist" that i cut from cardboard.  You basically felt the fibers around it and then cut it out when you are done. You can also make resists from plastic or foam that will last through more than one project.

You will want to have a  dish soap type bottle of hot soapy water handy and a bowl of hot water for controlled dripping.

 Thirsty cat and sleepy snuggle bunny recommended for company, but not required.
Disclaimer: I would not recommend using this post as a tutorial
 I learned all I know from this site:
She is a wonderful teacher, and will walk you through each step in quick videos. 
The resist/pattern should be significantly larger than you actually want the slippers to be. 
These were actually supposed to be for Sergee but ended up shrinking down even smaller than I had planned, so I guess that is something you get better at calculating with practice.  When laying out wool roving, layer in alternating directions until desired thickness. I used 2 layers on each side. About an oz of wool total.
First stage of felting, done by covering with hot soapy water and gently rubbing through mesh. Took me about 20 mins for these.

I cut into 2 separate slipper pieces after sufficient felting had occurred.
Then I took out cardboard and gave them some hot, soapy attention in the bathroom sink. Can be rpretty rough with the little guys at this point.
(Alternate hot and cold water to shrink quicker.)
See the difference in size!?

And.... Ta-da!
Personally I am a huge fan of imperfection, so I find these to be fantastic!


  1. They turned out so rad! I want a pair for each of the boys:)

  2. they are amazing! good work lady! tesla would like a pair when you figure out giant size :)