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16 November 2010

that time of year again...

Old man winter is shaving his beard on our lawn. ( wow, I just made that up and it's really dorky, sorry.) 

  Brrr...  Time to bust out the fibers, throw on an audio book, (thank you, Denver Public and let my little fingers get to work.  I'm thinking it was about this time last year that I tackled my first scarf.  Since then there have been hats and bags, scarves and skirts.  Crocheted of course, I have yet to attempt knitting...  

 So, I've tackled something new, and was quite pleased with the outcome i must say.  I am quite sure this baby's birth is going to come before i know it, considering how quickly these first 5 months have flown and i would like to have at least a few wool soakers made before he arrives, he will be a winter baby after all and i think little buns look so stunning decked out in wool.  So, here is the first.  

I googled "easy soaker pattern" and this is what I found.
 I like the ribbing, makes for a good stretch and i think it is quite handsome.  It took me 2 very short evening sittings to complete and is supposed to fit from beginning to end.  As usual I didn't follow the pattern quite perfectly, improvised a bit.  But as usual, it turned out just fine. I dont think I want od make leg cuffs for this one as it is more of an itchy wool, though I'm sure that will change some when I lanolize it.

For any curious hookers out there it is basically:
 80 half double crochet x 30 rows, (all worked in back loop) 
 Slip stitch up each side, leaving 3 inches open for leg holes.

 Apparently the coming of cooler weather does something different to Serge... 
But then again what DOESN'T make this kid wanna strip down and dance in his undies?



  1. Cold weather makes me feel all crafty too! Got the serger from my mamma....let's make diapers.

  2. woo hoo! yes! Im in! Ive found a couple great free patterns for fitteds, and wanna try pockets too. So glad Wyatt is over his anti-cloth bottom phase!
    Aso, i have a bunch more wool thatw as Gramma Bobbies from when she had sheep but i dont know how to ball it without extreme frustration.. do you?