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14 November 2010

look out holidays , here i come!

Feeling crafty, nesty and excited! I just decided what sergei's big holiday/solstice gift will be this year.  I am going to attempt my first quilt! I was browsing for the perfect inspiration and  I knew the moment i laid eyes on this yummy fabric line, appropriately named, "Farmer's Market" that i had found it. Delicious!  They are even selling 4.5 yards worth of fat quarter rainbowy goodness, all ready to go! We've been putting a lot of preparation in, in terms of serge sleeping on his own once the new baby comes.. 
Until a couple weeks ago, he was calling me into his room every night at least a couple times so that I usually ended up giving up and just sleeping with him. Things are definitly moving forward, and I think this will be just the added comfort needed to help him feel like his bed is a super special and cozy place to be.
Ultra happy  to be able buy plane tickets this week to visit family in Vermont during the holidays..  Also, feeling good about our decision to stay in Denver until after Christmas Day, so we can celebrate as a family for the first time .  John has missed out on Christmas with Serge the last couple years because of work obligations, so he is pretty stoked on getting a real tree and watching Sergei open presents on xmas morning at home this year.  Just our little family, will be so special, Im getting all tingly just thinking about it, I also find myself planning an elaborate breakfast christmas morning.. . im thinking eggs benedict and bluberry pancakes, mmm... (pregnant much? god, i love food!)

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