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25 November 2010

little family, little table, big thanks.

   We did thanksgiving at home this year , just our little family, for the first time... and it was absolutely SO MUCH goodness.  
 From our chaotic last minute grocery trip this morning, to the unboxing and detangling of christmas decorations, to our yum yum turkey feast  set to cheesy holiday music (because Sergee and I just LOVE our cheesy holiday music) it was all just so simple and perfect.
I have a lot of fun with these 2 guys, and times like this get me all the more excited to meet the next member of our little crew. <3

  I admit, I had to be gently cut off during my turn, as I'm pretty sure I would have gone on into dessert and beyond about what I am thankful for this year...  

Really did plan on taking food pictures, because this was a damn beautiful meal.  But you know what? As usual I got distracted by the deliciousness and instead had to eat it.  This is why I am NOT a food photographer. 

But, I did manage to get a pic of my beloved cranberry sauce, made with fresh cranberries, grapefruit and honey. amen.

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