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04 November 2010

home birth

This second time around I have so much clearer of a vision of would like my birth to be.  More freedom, less tubes and wires, more comfort, less sterility.
I want to be able to play the music I want, burn candles, have the lights low, and most importantly , not feel rushed.  I want to give birth to my baby the way my body tells me to.   Get in a hot tub if I feel like it, and heck maybe even pop the baby out in there.
I want to be able to take a walk, drink some tea, snuggle my boys, lie in my bed, breath at my pace.

Yes, I am aware it is going to hurt.   It may take a very long time, and I may have thoughts of "what the hell was I thinking"  and attempt to scratch Johns eyeballs out in the process... but I know I can do it, and I know it will be beautiful and, that in the end, I will have no regrets.

I met my midwife for the first time today.  Her name is Lynette, she has been the Midwife in over 100 home birth settings, and attended many more than that. I felt so comfortable with her  right away, it all just feels so right.  I also have an absolutely sweet and helpful Doula named Josie working with me, whom I am excited for John to meet within the next couple weeks.

I had never met a single person who came into my hospital room during Sergei's birth before in my life, including the doctor who delivered him. He and I both had various complications all resulting from unnecessary intervention, and the clincher was really the fact that I did not really even get to hold him for almost an hour after he was born.  Kinda heartbreaking, I must say.
Not the welcome I want to give this baby, thats for sure.

As long as all goes as planned, Lynette will be doing home prenatal visits on a regular schedule, until the birth.  She will be on call for me and deliver the baby in my home.  She will come back for a few weeks following as needed for postnatal care as well.
All home visits!

AND my insurance will cover all but $700 of this. Mindblowing!
I am so grateful and excited that this is all seeming to work out, I feel so lucky and I am completely looking forward to the remainder of this pregnancy and to my second lil' koala's birth.


  1. Hooray for homebirth! I had my son, all nine-and-a-half pounds of him, at home and I have absolutely no regrets on my decision. I'm so excited for you and happy that you had the same immediate connection with your midwife that I did -- it really makes all the difference! Although I'm sure your midwife is more than happy to answer questions, feel free to shoot any my way!

    --Erica B.

  2. Erica, that is awesome to hear! I am feeling pretty confident.. thanks for the support!
    Its great to be back in touch with you, by the way! yay for babies!

  3. Yes, HOORAY for home births!!! While I wanted to have both my babies at home, my husband came from a "3 planned c-sections" background (his older kids), so we compromised and had our babies at Mountain Midwifery Center in Englewood! Best decision we ever made! Yes it's going to hurt, but the experience is amazing. There's nothing like it. I can remember so clearly feeling my son's legs kicking as he was sliding out and the explosion of love when they were both laid on my belly. It's going to be so much more than you could ever imagine :) Congratulations!!