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25 November 2010

little family, little table, big thanks.

   We did thanksgiving at home this year , just our little family, for the first time... and it was absolutely SO MUCH goodness.  
 From our chaotic last minute grocery trip this morning, to the unboxing and detangling of christmas decorations, to our yum yum turkey feast  set to cheesy holiday music (because Sergee and I just LOVE our cheesy holiday music) it was all just so simple and perfect.
I have a lot of fun with these 2 guys, and times like this get me all the more excited to meet the next member of our little crew. <3

  I admit, I had to be gently cut off during my turn, as I'm pretty sure I would have gone on into dessert and beyond about what I am thankful for this year...  

Really did plan on taking food pictures, because this was a damn beautiful meal.  But you know what? As usual I got distracted by the deliciousness and instead had to eat it.  This is why I am NOT a food photographer. 

But, I did manage to get a pic of my beloved cranberry sauce, made with fresh cranberries, grapefruit and honey. amen.

22 November 2010

wet felted earth booties

 My first wet felting experiment!
I made these booties using a "resist" that i cut from cardboard.  You basically felt the fibers around it and then cut it out when you are done. You can also make resists from plastic or foam that will last through more than one project.

You will want to have a  dish soap type bottle of hot soapy water handy and a bowl of hot water for controlled dripping.

 Thirsty cat and sleepy snuggle bunny recommended for company, but not required.
Disclaimer: I would not recommend using this post as a tutorial
 I learned all I know from this site:
She is a wonderful teacher, and will walk you through each step in quick videos. 
The resist/pattern should be significantly larger than you actually want the slippers to be. 
These were actually supposed to be for Sergee but ended up shrinking down even smaller than I had planned, so I guess that is something you get better at calculating with practice.  When laying out wool roving, layer in alternating directions until desired thickness. I used 2 layers on each side. About an oz of wool total.
First stage of felting, done by covering with hot soapy water and gently rubbing through mesh. Took me about 20 mins for these.

I cut into 2 separate slipper pieces after sufficient felting had occurred.
Then I took out cardboard and gave them some hot, soapy attention in the bathroom sink. Can be rpretty rough with the little guys at this point.
(Alternate hot and cold water to shrink quicker.)
See the difference in size!?

And.... Ta-da!
Personally I am a huge fan of imperfection, so I find these to be fantastic!

thankful x 1,000

     What a thanksworthy weekend we had.  Serge attended his first yoga class taught by someone besides his own Mommy, and LOVED it. He's been showing me random poses here and there ever since..

     We got to spend some time with friends whom we just don't see enough of these days. Life is flying so fast right now, it is easy to get caught up in our own little world, and not make time for random romps with those we love.  Just gotta do it. 
Pick up the phone, make those plans, and stick to them.  It's so worth it.  Therapy I tell you.

Friends smile at you.
They like your face.
They want to be with you,
Any old place.
Friends have fun with you.
Friends share
They’re glad when you’re happy---
When you’re sad, they care.


 I  purchased our holiday travel tickets (and used the $150 voucher from last year when they lost our bags for a week.) 
I am so excited to spend time with my family and have them snuggle my tummy and have this little fella inside of me hear the voices for the first time, of those he will be so close to and already love him so much.
   I got my first and (hopefully not last) prenatal massage followed by some much needed sitting in the steam room.  Heaven.  The whole time I was there I had this strange little guilty angel on my shoulder that I kept having to flick off.  What a frivolous thing to spend money on... 

(massage table with 2 little holes for your boobies and one for your tum.)

 I did try several times to talk John out of it, thinking this $ could be put towards serge's holiday fun, our trip, etc...   But he insisted,and now I'm glad that he did.  I came out of there feeling refreshed, motivated and overall elated.   Feelings which, as  I've been reading (listening to) in Deepak Chopra's book: "Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives" were also being felt by the sweet little dumpling that I am carrying around in my tummy, and helping to shape his overall outlook on life in this world.  And THAT makes it worth every penny to me.
 (not to mention, he had a $20 off coupon) ;) 

Also, crafting news to come... Come check back tomorrow and see what I've been up to...k? k.

20 November 2010

As I glanced over at the hall mirror on my way out the door to take the kids for a nice fall walk i realized... 

"this baby carrier is BY FAR the most stylish thing I am wearing today...."

You Mamas know what I'm talkin' about..  high five!

17 November 2010

recycled magazine necklaces!

Such a fun project. 
Multiple steps (cutting strips, rolling beads, stringing necklaces)
keep the kids busy throughout the day.
And they turned out truly pretty.

Only materials necessary:
-old magazine(s)
-glue stick
-straw or pen to wrap strips around 
-yarn for stringing

16 November 2010

that time of year again...

Old man winter is shaving his beard on our lawn. ( wow, I just made that up and it's really dorky, sorry.) 

  Brrr...  Time to bust out the fibers, throw on an audio book, (thank you, Denver Public and let my little fingers get to work.  I'm thinking it was about this time last year that I tackled my first scarf.  Since then there have been hats and bags, scarves and skirts.  Crocheted of course, I have yet to attempt knitting...  

 So, I've tackled something new, and was quite pleased with the outcome i must say.  I am quite sure this baby's birth is going to come before i know it, considering how quickly these first 5 months have flown and i would like to have at least a few wool soakers made before he arrives, he will be a winter baby after all and i think little buns look so stunning decked out in wool.  So, here is the first.  

I googled "easy soaker pattern" and this is what I found.
 I like the ribbing, makes for a good stretch and i think it is quite handsome.  It took me 2 very short evening sittings to complete and is supposed to fit from beginning to end.  As usual I didn't follow the pattern quite perfectly, improvised a bit.  But as usual, it turned out just fine. I dont think I want od make leg cuffs for this one as it is more of an itchy wool, though I'm sure that will change some when I lanolize it.

For any curious hookers out there it is basically:
 80 half double crochet x 30 rows, (all worked in back loop) 
 Slip stitch up each side, leaving 3 inches open for leg holes.

 Apparently the coming of cooler weather does something different to Serge... 
But then again what DOESN'T make this kid wanna strip down and dance in his undies?


14 November 2010

look out holidays , here i come!

Feeling crafty, nesty and excited! I just decided what sergei's big holiday/solstice gift will be this year.  I am going to attempt my first quilt! I was browsing for the perfect inspiration and  I knew the moment i laid eyes on this yummy fabric line, appropriately named, "Farmer's Market" that i had found it. Delicious!  They are even selling 4.5 yards worth of fat quarter rainbowy goodness, all ready to go! We've been putting a lot of preparation in, in terms of serge sleeping on his own once the new baby comes.. 
Until a couple weeks ago, he was calling me into his room every night at least a couple times so that I usually ended up giving up and just sleeping with him. Things are definitly moving forward, and I think this will be just the added comfort needed to help him feel like his bed is a super special and cozy place to be.
Ultra happy  to be able buy plane tickets this week to visit family in Vermont during the holidays..  Also, feeling good about our decision to stay in Denver until after Christmas Day, so we can celebrate as a family for the first time .  John has missed out on Christmas with Serge the last couple years because of work obligations, so he is pretty stoked on getting a real tree and watching Sergei open presents on xmas morning at home this year.  Just our little family, will be so special, Im getting all tingly just thinking about it, I also find myself planning an elaborate breakfast christmas morning.. . im thinking eggs benedict and bluberry pancakes, mmm... (pregnant much? god, i love food!)

11 November 2010

Wow. Didnt realize how hard this was going to be. 
Apparently I fall asleep at the same time as Sergei now. Granted his nap/sleep schedule is all sorts of messed up, and for some reason it is seeming next impossible to keep it regular for more than 3 days at a time...

 I can be planning all day how I am going to spend my "me" time after he goes to bed...
Maybe I'll upload a few pictures, sew up yet ANOTHER pair of recycled sweater mittens for Sergei (because he has lost one of each of the first 2 pairs i'v done already this season, my strangely mitten obsessed little boy...)

 I could zone out on facebook, or kill a few pages of one of the 5 books im reading at the moment... 
Then, I lie down with Sergei to read him his nightly superhero novel...  or spanish vocab book, depending on his mood, and boom. Im out.

I keep thinking "i am not that pregnant,  i don't need all those extra hours of zzz's... and this mama alone time is so important"  and then, i wake drooling on my son (who is clinging to my belly to stay on the small twin bed) at 4 in the morning, not knowing what happened... last thing i knew it was 8 o clock, and superman was saving the day...
No photos shared, no mama reading done, no bloggy blog.  But hey, guess i should sleep while i still can, right?
Also in my defense, I had (4) 3 and 4 year olds today. Fun times, but not a moment for sitting.

(i know, it looks so mellow, right? ;) boy, did that change...

05 November 2010

good morning! in the mood for a little yoga?

Enjoy, as Henry, Milo and Sergee (or should i say dragon, pirate, and batman) walk you through a few favorite poses!

04 November 2010

home birth

This second time around I have so much clearer of a vision of would like my birth to be.  More freedom, less tubes and wires, more comfort, less sterility.
I want to be able to play the music I want, burn candles, have the lights low, and most importantly , not feel rushed.  I want to give birth to my baby the way my body tells me to.   Get in a hot tub if I feel like it, and heck maybe even pop the baby out in there.
I want to be able to take a walk, drink some tea, snuggle my boys, lie in my bed, breath at my pace.

Yes, I am aware it is going to hurt.   It may take a very long time, and I may have thoughts of "what the hell was I thinking"  and attempt to scratch Johns eyeballs out in the process... but I know I can do it, and I know it will be beautiful and, that in the end, I will have no regrets.

I met my midwife for the first time today.  Her name is Lynette, she has been the Midwife in over 100 home birth settings, and attended many more than that. I felt so comfortable with her  right away, it all just feels so right.  I also have an absolutely sweet and helpful Doula named Josie working with me, whom I am excited for John to meet within the next couple weeks.

I had never met a single person who came into my hospital room during Sergei's birth before in my life, including the doctor who delivered him. He and I both had various complications all resulting from unnecessary intervention, and the clincher was really the fact that I did not really even get to hold him for almost an hour after he was born.  Kinda heartbreaking, I must say.
Not the welcome I want to give this baby, thats for sure.

As long as all goes as planned, Lynette will be doing home prenatal visits on a regular schedule, until the birth.  She will be on call for me and deliver the baby in my home.  She will come back for a few weeks following as needed for postnatal care as well.
All home visits!

AND my insurance will cover all but $700 of this. Mindblowing!
I am so grateful and excited that this is all seeming to work out, I feel so lucky and I am completely looking forward to the remainder of this pregnancy and to my second lil' koala's birth.

03 November 2010

Well i gotta say, what a nice feeling it has been, to be able to take a break (a fairly long one at that) and not be bothered or questioned as to where i've gone, or when i may begin sharing again.. AND on top of all that, not lose any  blog followers!  What a faithful bunch you all are! Thanks you so much for that.

A lot of change happening in my tiny little corner of the universe...

New daily kiddos and friends have come and gone, as have a couple seasons of garden goodness.  There has been much deeply satisfying closet cleaning and purging; plenty of reading, learning, living and planning...

But, by far the biggest and most exciting change upon us now is the newest member of our family arriving in March!   A baby boy whom I have been growing in my tum for  5 months now.  We got to see (and find out he was a him) for the first time this past weekend, and it was 100% magical. 

 I have a feeling you'll be seeing a whole lot more of this  guy in the future...