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08 June 2010

We celebrated Sergei's 3rd birthday yesterday with a new bicycle,strawberry cupcakes and museum going...

I feel like all day I may have been on the verge of tears trying to savor the last few morsels of baby sergee that we have left.  More sweet than bitter though i must say, are these days as we  watch him quickly morph into this incredibly intelligent (beyond what i could have imagined) kind, and thoughtful person whom i must say , it is a pleasure to spend time with. 

Sergei is so special and wonderful, and I am the luckiest mother in the universe, i am sure of it.

06 June 2010

the raddest pillow case dress on earth..

And i've put together a couple aof recycled wool diaper covers with wool felt and needlefelted wool embellishments.. pretty darn cute.

01 June 2010

play pants galore!

Been mastering the art of play pants on my sewing machine. Just using scraps and pieces of old clothes I've decided to start an inventory to sell locally, and /or on Etsy.