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11 May 2010

soooo.. Sunday is normally family day @ the spicy apple abode. The only day that  big Spice, lil' Spice, and I are all 3 here all day, with no other little people around.  And this Sunday just so happened to be a very special family day, a day to celebrate and honor mommyhood and all that it encompasses.  

Serge and I got to choose what we wanted to do...hmmm, what did we feel like?

 Bagels and flowers of course.
Serge chose to go out for bagels, quite possibly his favorite food in the world, which i intentionally do not keep in the house because if i did, that is what his diet would plainly consist of.
At least he enjoys a salmon shmear;)

(this guy came too of course)

it was mama's turn to choose our destination...
and Paulino's Gardens it was. 
A bit of flower and herb shopping had to be done.
Turned out more than a bit was necessary as i have no self control around plants. I truly should not be allowed in these places.
A couple hrs and a full cart later and a half, i had to cut myself off...

... home to barbecue various backyard projects we've got in the works...
A perfect Mothers Day by my standards. Yes indeed.

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  1. beautiful pretty flowers! Love the mud - our little one gets muddy head to toe every day possible.