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05 May 2010

Mud is very nice to feel, All squishy-squash between the toes! I'd rather wade in wiggly mud, Than smell a yellow rose. Nobody else but the rosebush knows, How nice mud feels Between the toes. ---Polly Chase Boyden

Robert William Service      

Mud is Beauty in the making,
Mud is melody awaking;
Laughter, leafy whisperings,
Butterflies with rainbow wings;
Baby babble, lover's sighs,
Bobolink in lucent skies;
Ardours of heroic blood
All stem back to Matrix Mud.

Mud is mankind in the moulding,
Heaven's mystery unfolding;
Miracles of mighty men,
Raphael's brush and Shakespear's pen;
Sculpture, music, all we owe
Mozart, Michael Angelo;
Wonder, worship, dreaming spire,
Issue out of primal mire.


In the raw, red womb of Time
Man evolved from cosmic slime;
And our thaumaturgic day
Had its source in ooze and clay . . .
But I have not power to see
Such stupendous alchemy:
And in star-bright lily bud
Lo! I worship Mother Mud

I'm in Love with Mud
I'm in love with mud,

It's sad, I know, but true.

I just can't help but splash in it,

Or stomp a path right through.
It's sticky and it's dirty,
And it covers all my clothes.

But when I see it lying there,
A voice inside me grows...

...You can't resist, you know I'm right,

It's fun to play in mud!
Look at it just sitting there,
I really think you should!

I splatter in the grimy gloop,
I can't resist the ooze!
I run, I jump, I stamp about,
It drips into my shoes!
 Gareth Lancaster


  1. Amazing! What a perfect day.

    The muddy poetry makes me smile :)