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09 April 2010

moi. the scatterbrained spring party hostess...

Saturday 7:00 pm: 
house is clean, spring hunt mix is made,decorations are up, and i am at the grocery store picking up last minute party items, and of course: MORE EGGS.
More dyeing and stuffing still to be done, quiche yet to be made and those little chick cupcakes, i SOOO planned on having them done by now...

Here's the twist... my sister, nephew, the boyfriend,  3 large dogs and a kitty will be arriving in a van driven from Alabama at an undisclosed time tonight, or more likely the wee hrs of the morn... and party guests will be arriving at 10:30 am for our egg hunt/brunch/clothes swap...

 2:45 am: 
i am anxiously awaiting word from my family. i have finished dyeing 5 dozen eggs (couple dozen left to stuff) baked 3 quiche, 2 dozen cupcakes from scratch and a large bowl of buttercream frosting (not to mention burning the coconut "feathers" twice)  So much for the chicky cupcakes.
My sis calls, and theyl'll be arriving soon.:)
 I let go of any hope of a decent nights sleep.  I haven't seen Nara and Ellery in a year in a half, who needs sleep?

And so it was. 
I slept from 5:30 to 8 when John and Sergei promptly woke me as requested,

I threw on my feathery yellow party dress and some jeans and we took a holiday run to the liquor store to pick up some mimosa makings.  I must say, i am looking quite special at this hair is big. John says i look "unapproachable" even for Colfax

 Lucky to have such sweet and helpful friends who dont judge me (more embrace me) for my big hair and mismatchedness.  Everyone jumped right in and helped with the egg hiding, food layout, drink making....

The beds piled high with clothes and knicky knacks brought for/ by mamas and peeps to pick through, the dining table covered with potluck brunch... 

Serge cracks a cascarone on his head... and searches the innards.

(courtesy of tanya )

(courtesy of tanya)
Egg huntin in the clubhouse...

(courtesy of tanya)

(courtsey of tanya)

(courtesy of tanya)

                       (photo courtesy of tanya given)
It believe it was officially a shindig.

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