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30 April 2010

The Lounge is Officially Open!

Spring! She carries such an incredible energy..the the new growth, the freshness in the air..breeze through open windows, soft soil opening its arms to my seed packets...
i want to skip and frolic, draw hopscotch and four square, rake and dig, and CLEAN!

A wonderful perk of this sweet little home we rent is the shed space. True i could use it for storage, fill it up with junk, garden tools, trust me, I could find enough stuff to fill it to the skylights (and in the winter i somehow do)  But instead even as i first laid eyes on this small crooked little structure in the very back of our yard, it was never a storage shed to me, i saw it as a clubhouse, and that's what it is... (though chicken palace has crossed my mind a couple times since then i must admit)

So, anyway, to put an end to my rant, i have once again cleaned and  spruced the space.  What a relief it is to get some of these toys and things out of Serge's tiny room, and crampy closet...
Out where they can be enjoyed by friends and neighbors and anyone else who happens to stop by:)
Dress-up, puppet theatre, music "jam" space, and with the newest addition being our old couch, now they can REALLY lounge...

(out sergei's bedroom window,my garden in the foreground , the garage  and the shed) 



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