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04 March 2010

Monday...Sage Tea and the Wonderpets.Wish me luck!

Toddler weaning. We are doin it. Yes, he's going on 3 (in june)and still on the boobie.
Of course no regrets, I would've been happy to nurse till he was 5 if that's what felt right for us at the time, but i must say, i'm spent. And, we all know...
"... to everything (turn, turn turn) there is a season (turn,turn, turn)....
and a time to every purpose...mmm hmmm,. now is that time.
The little darlin'  i watch during the week, and her mama (who happens to be a close friend of mine) are going to be making the same change/same day... so there will not be any nursie jealousy, confusion, etc...

We will be using sage tea to aid in reduction of milk supply starting tomorrow, and talked to the babes this evening about "big kid changes" and laid down that they had 3 more days with the "bo-bo's" and the "nummie's" and that monday we would be going on a special trip to pick out big kid sippy's.  Serge and i talked about how i wasnt going to be spending time sleeping in his big boy bed anymore, and we ordered the "wonderpets", to be his new big boy bed companions.
 For now he is quite excited about the fact that i am not going to be joining him in his room for a mid-night nursing session and that he will be able to talk it out with Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming instead... i'll let you know how it goes.
If anyone's got any tips for weaning a toddler, feel free to share!
 Until then how about a trip down BoBo lane... finding these pics was quite an emotional event i must say...i'm gonna miss that lil' sucklr but i see quality sleep in the near future for all of us, so i can not look back now....cheers:)


  1. i'm getting me some sage tea too.

  2. Much luck with the weaning. And thank you for sharing your heart felt photos. Your little is such a cutie.

  3. It went AWESOME! I wa so impressed with how well he adjusted.. I wish i could break habits that easily..i mean, he's been doing it ever since the moment he came out! Multiple times a day! Well done Serge...a couple tantrums, but for the most part, no struggles<3