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14 March 2010

some spring crafts

We've been gettin' in the springtime crafty spirit...

popcorn spring blossoms
(i thought these turned out sooo pretty)

-construction paper

Transparent Butterflies
super simple and sweet
-plastic baggies
-paper scraps ( if you're kids are scissor happy like mine, let 'em cut up their own bitty pieces)
-pipe cleaners

Butterflies made into a mobile in foreground, but really this picture is up to show how the kids' bookshelf is all rainbow organized now, makes it look so much tidier! Got idea from my fantastical friend Lillian over at Domestic Simplicity..check her out!


  1. You are so stinkin' creative! I wish I had little ones to go make those butterflies with. Too cute!

    Also, this is slightly random, but I love that shade of yellow on your nails! I've been looking for a polish that color, but keep striking out - what brand is it?

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I love these!!! I would LOVE to do the tree with Bradley but he would EAT the popcorn. He LOVES popcorn...

    Those butterflies are so precious. I might make one by myself for in the garden!