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10 March 2010

grow time

Let the garden planning COMMENCE! 
Our Seeds have arrived. Weaning is going fairly smooth (have't given in, and serge hasn't packed his stick and satchel) AND the Wonderpets (a BIG deal, btw) are here to stay.. 
"Gooooo..wonderpets! YAY!" 
As typical, i am jotting and color coding in a notebook. 
Me with my seed packets, crayons, egg carton planters... S with his repurposed tissue box flyboat in hand...
We are a team.


  1. Wish I could plant veggies and fruits of all kinds- unfortunitely, we don't have much room. Good luck with your sowing! May you grow many yummy things.

  2. Holy cow! I see this now after I fb mailed ya. I'm going to guess you don't need seeds LOL!!!! That's some ambitious planting! My garden won't be nearly so large.

    I can't wait to see the layout you choose. I'm working on mine now. I cannot wait.

  3. thanks socal suz:)
    beth: i'm thinking rows this year to change it up..yeah, i dont know why i dive in SO deep, a little extreme i know..will be fun though and reap MUCH yumminess hopefully..looking forward to canning and freezing a ton.