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03 March 2010

First the farmer sows the seed, Then he stands and takes his ease, Stamps his foot and claps his hands And turns him round to view the land. - 15th Century Song

"gourmet" beets
heirloom, moon and stars variety, watermelon

veronica romanesca (cauliflower relative that has taken my breath away and i must grow/play with/ touch/ learn about)
Talk about Fibonacci.

Been doing a little seed shopping.
This year i must say, i'm feeling much more confident.  The worst of the weeds have been painstakingly pulled.  2 months solid i spent last year, 2 months of  tumultuous labor which did suprisingly end up paying off.   I cant say the fleeting thought of simply collapsing, and letting the crazy grassy tangles engulf me did not occur.
 Oh yeah. I was more than tempted to give up plenty of times.  Went in blindly, not enough research, no experience.  I truly didn't know the first thing about gardening...but guess what the most effective way to learn is?  haha, hands on, of course.
So, in the end, all said and done, it was beautiful. Much was grown, much was consumed, MUCH was learned.
 Anyway, i'll stop my babbling now and get to the point, eh?
Lets just say, i went a little wild in the garden planning this time around.  I am definitely doing a spring, summer and fall crop this year. And heres what i've decided on so far... (the few up top are of course on their way to my mailbox as well.)

p.s. all seeds found here and here, both companies have awesome organic and heirloom selection.

rouge d'hiver (great for spring AND summer planting  lettuce, YES!)

lemon cucumbers

my fave, lacinato (dinosaur) kaleheirloom, black krim tomatoes

costuluto genovesa
a variety great for canning as well as instant gratification.

we all know these carrot from last year:)
had to do it again, they were just sooo amazing!


  1. Yummy. let me know when you want to start digging up all the old stuff so we can start planting seeds. all the stuff you picked is really colorful and very fruitful like.

  2. I planted a garden last year and must admit that nothing really came up. The peas grew, but got eaten up by bugs. THe squash started to grow for a while, but I dont know what happend to them, they just died out. I was thinking about giving up this year, but after reading your post I feel like giving it one more try. Thanks for the inspriation:)

  3. I bet by the fall I'll be in good enough shape to be digging and planting. You've given me some great ideas here. Love your blog by the way. Thanks :)