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09 March 2010

couldn't believe my eyes!

Advertising for high fructose corn syrup? ! Seriously?! Spicy came in last night chuckling, and had me check it out..knew id get a kick! out of it.  i was speechless... thought they were fake at first.  And then i started feeling really sad.
  These corny bastards (believe me, i have some better suiting names) have of course, put millions into an advertising campaign, to brainwash the poor general public who actually do believe a percentage of what they see on television (sadly more people than we'd think probably...)
Already having reign of the mainstream food market, making  disgusting amounts of money off a sweetner/additive proven many times over  to cause very serious health problems (brain damage, bone loss, obesity, diabetes, liver problems... ) ... maybe they felt a tiny twinge of financial impact with the green movement? People were on to them they thought , or soon may be? I dont know but i find it very sickening.
Look HERE to see more of this rubbish.
The right hand side of the screen has links to all of the ads.

 (March 10th, update) after adding this post last night, i just happened to come across this article,  which i found  interesting also mentioning these ads and the havoc that soda wreaks on public health
And found this blog post with lots of great links...

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