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25 March 2010

bowl me! and a bit of denver's local music scene.


serge alternated helping spice and i roll our balls veeeerrrrryyyy ssslllooooowwlllyy,,, down the lane:)

takes a break to do some score keepin'

(mama wins by 2 points! heck yeah.)

Family bowling day!
We be doin' it in style of course. 
Are those tiny bowling shoes with strawberries on them, you say?
Well, not exactly. But these little flea market wonders do have a gum sole, which makes them skid-mark free (wish i could say the same for my anti-potty trainer over here) SORRY! I had to. Please forgive me...

Well, since my mind is already in the gutter,, I may as well let you know what i named this post after. A song by a fantastic one woman band from our very own Denver, CO.  Onemanna is her name and playing dirty is her game.   Please be forewarned, her music is not for the prudish, so if you are not in the mood for some risque business, please keep scrolling.  And, you must know that the version of the song that always runs through my head is actually a collaboration by  some old friends' band, The Legendary river Drifters.  You must check these guys out, the lead singer, Suzanne has the most incredible voice.  And she is a sweetheart to boot.  So, yeah.  Go check out "bowl me" (and other songs)on their myspace pages. 
you may just find your new favorite band...


  1. I have fond memories of family bowling nights with my parents from when I was little. What a great tradition :)

  2. little baby bowling shoes cute!

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog. To answer your question, I did my skirt the super lazy way and made sewed fabric over and fit a string through it to just pull into a bow and tie at the waist. drawstring style I guess