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15 March 2010

best take a good look at miss huffy...

Cuz she's gettin a makeover...
I've come to terms with other expenses taking  priority over replacing  my precious $10 flea market huffy right now,
and have decided to dress her up a little, as we do spend quite a bit of time in each others company...
I think it is only right shat she gets the makeover she deserves. Stay tuned.
(i'll give you a hint, old leopard jammies and double sided tape are playing a part in the process...)
And if anyone is wondering the handlebar childseat sergee rides his lil rumpus around in is an Ibert.

if you look close you can see sergei "fixing" my spokes with a stick.
he is quite the bike mechanic.

In other bicycle news: Sergei got a new helmet, which he has not removed from his cranium, only to sleep last night, and eat dinner tonight (both took some serious coaxing)
It is blue and covered in daisies:)

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