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19 March 2010

3 little gardeners

This year i thought it would be fun if each kiddo had their own seed tray (aka:egg carton) to decorate, fill with dirt, choose seeds they wanted to plant, keep up with watering,etc...
They chose brocolli, carrots, sunflowers, and coneflower (echinacea)
sweet choices,huh? :)

 I've been doing some seed starting of my own as well. 
Apparently I'm growing 6 different kinds of tomatoes this year, don't really know how that happened... Should keep keep canning pretty interesting.

I started my kale, tomatoes, peppers, brocolli/ veronica, beans, and spinach.

Funny, it was 70 degrees 2 days ago, and we now have 3 inches and counting of white stuff on the ground.  Perfect excuse for me to take a break from the garden and yard work. Darn. i'm forced to relax and watch the the falling snow through glass with a hot cuppa tea in hand and my little fingers tap tap tap'n...

Playing catch-up after a couple days of feeling a bit "off" (which had nothing to do with irish whiskey on st.patricks day...) I set up the computer in front of our picture window recently and i must say it's a nice change, for my nap time internet fix, to be able to have the natural light on my face and a fresh breeze on nice days.  Also, it helps me get my nosy neighbor fix, hehe...

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