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23 March 2010

$20 estate sale madness!

It's been a year and some months since i swore off buying new 
(for ethical reasons,ie:sweatshop,environmental impact,etc...) And i must admit, i've been jonesing a bit for the new clothes high you get after spending $30 at forever 21 and come out with an armful of hip and trendy threads. The thrift stores can be great, but it's hit or miss for sure these days.

Anyways,i've had a reoccuring dream since high school days, of finding a sale of sorts (yard, thrift you name it) And i am digging through boxes/bins, and item after item is perfect. 
Vintage goodness. Styley,my size,decent shape. And i am aware in the dream that all of this fabulousness is priced for me! 25 cents, a dollar, i know i am free to peruse to my lil hearts content.  I am elated. Can't wait to get home and mix, match and play... (please tell me you've had the same dream, or an equally shallow comparison)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Then something happens. The sun comes up, Malley attacks my feet, whatever, and my fantasy comes to an abrupt halt.  The last time this  happened was a few weeks ago, and i must say i was quite sad for a few minutes trying to recall the treasures designed by Apple Wrangler psyche couture.
The closest i've come to this since the sacred "second hand rose" bag sale days ...*sigh*..has been flea market scoring, and maybe a yard sale here or there, until NOW...

various pairs of bellbottoms just my size.

embroidered birdie, flowers and strawberries::officially my new favorite t-shirt..ever.

and yes, i am 100% aware of who looks better in the jump suit.

i am seriously feelin' these high waisted wool pedal pushers.

there were a couple spring skirts like these
( tulle layer underneath)

i love the awkwardly sexy factor of these pants. i mean seriously check my rump. 
Sausage in casing, right? But in a good way.
So, there you have it. I spent $20 and got a new wardrobe.( Theres more but these are my faves.
Eat your heart out F21.


  1. Those striped shorts are too cute for words!!! You are one lucky lady.

  2. Seriously diggin those denim bellbottoms in the third pic.

  3. yeah, this lady was EXACTLY my size! like creepily well fitting clothes, like, am i next???;)

  4. so many great finds! lovin the blue pocket dress.

  5. Are you kidding me?!

    Damn girl, you hit the jackpot!!! So much insane goodness here, I am in awe. And yes, those plaid pedal pushers are definitely stealin' my heart too ;)

    Hey, about the eggs, I recalled my friend mentioning that they were a Mexican tradition so I did a quick google search and voila...

    So much fun, you should definitely do it!